Our Elements

Chi Chi Chocolate bars connect with the elements of nature; Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. The elements that form us at Chi Chi Wellness are a commitment to organic farming methods, fair trade certification and a dedication to education to promote natural herbal medicine.

Five Elements In Nature

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the five elements—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water—serve as fundamental principles guiding the understanding of health and wellness. These elements are not only integral to nature but also intricately linked to our bodies. Wood represents growth and flexibility, akin to the liver and gallbladder in our bodies. Fire embodies energy and vitality, mirroring the heart and small intestine. Earth symbolizes stability and nourishment, reflecting the spleen and stomach. Metal signifies clarity and strength, much like the lungs and large intestine. Lastly, Water embodies adaptability and fluidity, resonating with the kidneys and bladder. Each element corresponds to specific organs, bodily functions, and seasons, emphasizing the interconnectedness between nature and our physiological well-being.

By harmonizing these elements within ourselves and aligning them with the external environment, traditional East Asian medicine aims to promote balance, vitality, and holistic health.

Our Elements

We choose the ingredients in our chocolate bars carefully, considering the sustainability of
farming practices, ingredients, and nutritional value.

We source only the highest-quality, fair trade or ethically traded chocolate on the market. We are especially proud to contract with Agostini Family Chocolate, multi-generational chocolatiers, holding the highest standards of trade, ecological care and ingredients.

Our Fair Trade, Organic 70% Dark Chocolate is Certified and made without any soy or dairy.

Our Organic Dark Chocolate

Organic Dark Chocolate is Fair Trade Certified and made without any soy or dairy. Our supplier contracts directly with small farms to source this delicious chocolate. With frequent visits to the growers in Peru, the company is able to observe working and living conditions first-hand. They are committed to promoting the ethical treatment of workers and improving the standards of the chocolate industry. This is done through investing and participating in social and environmental projects that improve schooling, literacy, healthcare, access to clean drinking water, improving natural habitat and forest diversity, and keeping rivers clean.

Our Organic White Chocolate

Made by a second-generation family-owned company, our extraordinary creamy and tasty Organic White Chocolate is very satisfying. Our white chocolate is of excellent quality, both for the use of ingredients selected from organic farming, and for the exceptionally rich recipe. The taste is characterised by the high presence of whole milk from organic farming and the irresistible aroma of natural vanilla coming from organic agriculture of Madagascar. No GMOs are used in the farming practices of our white chocolate. 

Organic Cocoa Butter

In the early 1980s the family we source our cacao from began developing an Equal Partner Direct Buying Program to “secure a reliable supply of high-quality fermented beans by respecting the rights of farmers to a fair price and an independent livelihood.” The cocoa butter used in our product is processed from fermented beans acquired primarily through the program.

Organic Sugar

In addition to certified Organic, whenever possible, EcoSocial™ certified sugar is used in our products. EcoSocial™ is a fair-trade program created by IBD, a Brazilian certifier.

Non-GMO Soy Lecithin

Our non-GMO soy lecithin used in our white chocolate product is guaranteed with non-GMO by PRC testing. Our supplier in Brazil has strict controls in place, at farming and processing levels, and verifies the non-presence of GMO not only in the soybeans but also in every tote of soy lecithin they produce. Once delivered at the chocolate factory, every lecithin tote is also re-tested for the non-presence of GMO.