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5 Elements Quiz

Did you know each of the Five Elements influences our emotions, preferences and personalities? Find out which element is your most dominant one through this quiz and a match to a Chi Chi Chocolate 5 Element Bar.

This quiz was inspired by Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide To Chinese Medicine, by Harriet Beinfield L.Ac and Efrem Korgold L.Ac., O.M.D.

To learn more about the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, schedule an appointment with a licensed acupuncturist.

Can you be described as determined, persistent, or willful?
Are you motivated and driven?
Are you easily irritated and stressed?
Are you competitive?
Do people get on your nerves?
Do you love to be the focus of attention?
Do you hold strong judgments and points of view?
Do you deal with trouble sleeping?
Do you enjoy unplanned adventures?
Do you love to perform?
Are you disciplined and analytical?
Do you find it hard to connect with other people?
Are logic and intelligence very important to you?
Are you most comfortable with a very organized home?
Do you appreciate the finer things in life?
Do you doubt yourself a lot?
Do you have a sweet tooth?
Are you a natural caregiver?
Do you doubt yourself and ruminate on your thoughts?
Are you a daydreamer?
Are you a “friend to all”?
Do you avoid being put on center stage and in the limelight?
Are you loyal to your most important friends?
Are you curious about mysteries and the unknown?
Do you appreciate, and even relish, alone time?
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