Dr. Kerry Boyle L.Ac.. Acupuncturist

Dr. Kerry Boyle L.Ac..

Founders Statement

As an acupuncturist and a mom of two boys, I built my kids’ wellness plans around Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, diet and lifestyle.

Which is easier said than doneĀ šŸ˜‚

After a few blissful years of infant and toddler acupuncture treatments, my kids rejected the needle pokes of acupuncture and I was one down in my tool kit of how to keep them healthy and help them when sick. I leaned heavily on Chinese herbal medicines, often available as tinctures and teas for kids too young to swallow pills.

If you’ve ever tried to give medicine to a child, you know it may have an, ahem,Ā acquired taste.Ā Desperate to get healing herbs into my boys, I would “incentivize” (i.e. bribe) them with a few chocolate chips with their medicine.

It worked! My kids took herbs without much fight and I felt no mom guilt at all with rewarding them with a few organic, dark chocolate chips.Ā 

The idea of making Chinese herbal chocolate bars stirred around in my ever creative, multitasking mind for a few years. It was during the Covid -19 state of emergency, and 8 week shut down of my business, that I had a moment to focus on it.

I enlisted my family’s help during the shut down. Lucky for me my family consists of Jean-Luc, a Swiss chef, and Jonathan, a Chinese herbal medicine expert. We spent months in the kitchen formulating organic dark and white chocolate recipes, matching herbal formulas with chocolate and thinking about our dream- exposing more people to East Asian and Chinese medicine, acupuncture and herbs.

I hope you enjoy Chi Chi Wellness chocolate bars, for its healing benefits, educational tips, and delicious new flavors infusing organic chocolate with thousands of years of knowledge passed down to us for wellbeing.

A Mission Of Medicinal Love

These products are loaded with chocolate, healing herbs, information, and Love! At ChiChi Wellness we believe our chocolates are a delicious way to educate everyone about the healing practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We are committed to sustainability and health, sourcing the highest quality chocolate and herbs. Through the sweetness of chocolate, we aim to increase access to acupuncture and natural herbal medicine for all people.

With Love,
Dr. Kerry Boyle, DAc, LAc
Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine