About Us

Our team approach to healthcare transfers to our chocolate making. Each member of our craft made, chocolate production team, brings their expertise and passions to our 5 Element bars. When we’re not making chocolate, find the team working together at our Integrative Acupuncture offices in Montpelier and Williston, Vermont.

At Chi Chi Wellness we believe it is imperative to pause with reflection and give thanks for the cultures and lands with which our herbs and cacao come from. We have gratitude for these ancient medicines and for our teachers, who gave us the gift of love for plant medicine.

Jonathan Fleming L.Ac.
Acupuncturist and Chief Herbalist
Jonathan is Earth Element – Which Element Are You? Take Our Quiz

Jonathan fell in love with the art and science of herbalism through his studies at Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, CO. He is passionate about organic and sustainable farming practices and ensures the herbs in Chi Chi Wellness are grown to USDA organic standards. When not formulating herbal blends for our chocolate products, you can find Jonathan at home in Vermont, hiking in the Green Mountains and foraging for herbs and mushrooms. Look for Jonathan’s photos on our social media channels, he loves popping a ChiChi Chocolate bar into the beautiful scenery of our beloved Vermont.

Jean-Luc Jenni
Jean-Luc is Fire Element – Which Element Are You? Take Our Quiz

Jean-Luc is a Swiss born and classically trained chef, complete with the big, tall white hat and all. Jean-Luc first began cooking in hotels and restaurants in 1989, he worked in all departments including traditional French pastries. In 1997, he found a love for travel and began cooking internationally, practicing techniques from Asia and South America. After a decade of traveling and completing a hospitality and business degree in Switzerland, Jean-Luc fell in love with our beautiful fall foliage and found a home in Vermont. He handmakes our craft chocolates, creating delicious, balanced blends with our medicinal herbs.

Dr. Kerry Boyle L.Ac..
Kerry is Wood Element – Which Element Are You? Take Our Quiz

Kerry is a licensed acupuncturist on a mission. Her drive to make acupuncture and herbs accessible to all people is clear with her history of launching the acupuncture and herb department on board cruise ships worldwide in 2005, as well as founding a non-profit “People For Acupuncture” and her volunteerism working to change insurance laws in Vermont to make acupuncture a covered service. As a chocolate lover, Kerry felt it was a perfect medium to introduce many people to the wonders of healing herbs, with a sweet tooth. Her vision includes more advocacy and education about acupuncture and herbal medicine.