A-CHOO BAR – Metal Element


Dark Chocolate with Traditional Herbs for Natural Immunity Function

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Dark Chocolate with Healing Herbs Used for Thousands of Years to Support a Healthy Immune System.

The herbs in this bar strengthen and tonify lung Qi and boost the body’s Wei Qi or natural immune function. Aligns with Metal element and can be useful for everyone.

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Made with organic ingredients.


Additional information

Weight .15 lbs

Manufactured in a facility that handles milk and dairy products and may contain traces. Ingredients: Organic Unsweetened Chocolate, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Forsythia Fruit, Organic Honeysuckle Flower, Organic Mint, Organic Bamboo Leaf, Organic Platycodon Root, Organic Burdock Fruit, Organic Reed Rhizome, Organic Licorice Root, Organic Isatis, Organic Yunnan Rhizome

Enjoy up to one full chocolate bar of Chi Chi Wellness per day, which contains 3 grams of healing herbs. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Uses & Benefits

西部白虎 – White Tiger of the West

Here at Chi Chi Wellness, we are inspired by the Five Elements and Five Directions of Chinese Medicine, symbolized by the Five Animals of Taoist Cosmology. The herbs in our A-CHOO Bar support the METAL Element and healthy immune function. METAL connects to the LUNGS. In the Five Element Theory of Chinese Medicine, METAL is reflective of immunity, allergies, and breathing. The lung houses the Po which supports our basic senses, such as feeling, sensing, hearing, and seeing. On an emotional level, metal affects grief, sadness, and timidity. We are inspired by the White Tiger as the animal of the element METAL because it stands for the feminine energy or Yin, the direction west, the color white, and the autumn and harvest season. It is a highly noble creature of sharp instinct, fearlessness, innovation, and effortless love. A-CHOO Bar supports our body’s natural defenses and immune function.

Supports Natural Immune Function

Calms the body

 Metal Element

Acupressure Points for Nature Immune Function

When locating points, feel for a tender spot or a place where your finger seems to dip slightly. Most acupuncture points are noticeable once you find them! Spend 30 seconds on each point. Apply firm pressure while breathing steadily into your abdomen. Tip: Press the point on each side of the body to feel which one is more tender/sensitive. If you notice a difference, focus your acupressure session on the tender side.

Stomach 36

On the outside of the leg, approximately one hand width below the kneecap, just off the bone. Traditional Functions: Harmonizes the intestines and clears food stagnation, regulates Qi and Blood, eliminates Dampness, transforms Phlegm, enhances immune function, breaks up blood stagnation in the chest.

Large Intestine 4

On the back of the hand between the thumb and first finger. In the fleshy part of the hand. Traditional Functions: Known as “The Master Pain Elimination” point, it can address pain in many parts of the body, inflammation and pain of hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder. DO NOT USE DURING PREGNANCY.

Lung 7

Roughly 2 inches above the base of the thumb. Traditional Functions: Used to treat several disorders of the upper body, including headaches, asthma, neck stiffness, cough and sore throat. Enables the processing of feelings of grief and sadness.

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